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EYE02-GRN - Solar Night Eyes Pro (GREEN)

EYE02-GRN - Solar Night Eyes Pro (GREEN)

EYE02-GRN - Solar Night Eyes Pro (GREEN)

Works GREAT with Raccoon.

Scare it all away with our Green Eyed Monster. Our new exclusive Green Solar Nite Eyes offer an intense green pulsing light that will have animals and unwanted visitors of all kinds minding their own business.

Maintenance free, operates automatically. There are no batteries to install or change.

Solar Nite Eyes employs LED technology. The GREEN - Super Intense LED's flash automatically at night and have a lifespan of 50,000+ plus hours so there is never a need to change bulbs.

Solar Nite Eyes have been proven effective to guard areas such as: Poultry and Game Bird Pens, Gardens, Vineyards, Orchards, Flower Beds, Livestock, Campsites, Fishponds, around Trash Bins, etc.

Also can be used around homes as night time intruder deturnant as well as in your car to simulate an active car alarm. Keep in mind, this would be for appearances only.

Let Solar Nite Eyes be your Night Watchmen!

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